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OKAY. Because of this quarantine, I have become a certified Kdrama fan. Previous to this, the only Korean shows I watched were Jewel in the Palace, Descendants of the Sun and My Sassy Something. But now because of this, I am now a Korean Kdrama addict. And I have a lot of people to thank for it but one person particularly stands out. I will not mention her name but she is a former student who is so into this. She is my consultant and critic. So thank you PC, jeonha! Okay. But let me get this clear. With K drama there are three criteria. One, it has to be light, like romcoms. I do not want to watch things that can depress or scare me. (So Kingdom is out!) Two, my wife has to approve of it because she is my wife. And third I need the recommendation of PC, jeonha! With those things in place, I spend my nights going through the travails of the characters. So what have we watched? (I cannot give you them to you in order because three months is a long time!) Well of course there was Crash Landing On you. No sane addict would have missed that. I liked CLOY because it looked and sounded different. Then there was Rookie Historian which was interesting. It was one of several shows that had a particular ailment. (I will not mention spoilers, do not worry!) But Rookie was fun. Itaewon Class was also fun in a different way. If you have not watched it, then do so. Then I watched the Reply Series, well not all. I watched Reply 1988 and 1994. Both are good and they are different from the usual Korean shows. When The Camellia Blooms I started but I did not like where it was going so I dropped it but my wife finished it to the very end! Romance is A Bonus Book was something unexpected in a good way. It was the same experience as What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim and She was Pretty. But I liked them. And then there was 100 Day My Prince who was also suffering from some ailment. I liked 100 Day My Prince because it was quirky. Then there was Oh My Venus. That was hilarious because the female lead in that story looked like one of our close friends. I told her husband about it and they ended up watching the series! The last one we watched was Moon Embracing the Sun. Because one of the lead actors was good PC told us to watch Haechi which is what we are watching now. There are a few that we started but have not finished yet. Goblin is one, Legend of the Blue Sea is another. When the Weather is fine we started and we are still debating if we will continue. In the meantime PC, jeonha! has strongly suggested Mr. Sunshine. She has been convincing me to watch it. We will see. In the meantime. Mabuhay Korea!