Social Media Day: How to use online platforms for good




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THERE are a multitude of social media platforms today, each one with millions of users globally. They’re easy to use, accessible, instant and lucrative for business. However, anyone who’s on one is aware that it can also be a double-edged sword when not used wisely and responsibly. As we celebrate Social Media Day (June 30), here are five simple ways we can utilize the power of social media for good: Filter the content you see First and foremost, it has to be a positive space for you. If something or someone’s content is impacting you negatively, then maybe consider unfollowing that page or hiding that person’s posts. Fortunately, platforms these days allow you to control and sift what appears on your timeline or feed. Support your favorite local businesses With the current situation, many businesses have migrated to the online space. If you don’t have the financial means right now to make a purchase, you can help promote them instead by sharing their posts and tagging your friends who might like them. It doesn’t matter if you have 20 or 2,000 followers— any form of help is appreciated. Engage more Spark a conversation. Share your favorite movies and books and ask your online friends what theirs are. This is the beauty of social media: It can be an effective vehicle for healthy, positive discourse, keeping in mind that it should be used with mutual respect and a sense of responsibility. Spread awareness Social media platforms are more than just for sharing bits of our personal lives to family and friends, they’re also informative tools. Read up on pop culture and current events, while also making sure they are 100 percent true and credible. If you want to show support for a certain cause, share links on how others can learn more and help. Educate yourself and others. Create inspiring content You don’t have to be a famous internet personality. You can post something as simple as a fabulously extra OOTD at home or a fun how-to video of your favorite chocolate chip cookies. The world is not in its best shape right now and we badly need a digital palate cleanser. Put out content that sparks not just your own creativity but might also ignite others’.