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A list of where you can get essential goods

Text: Christian Jay B. Quilo Writer

Even though the city has transitioned to GCQ this month, strict protocol are still in place and the public is still encouraged to stay home and go out only when absolutely necessary. Fortunately, there are already several online shopping services and deliveries that can have our necessities and purchases delivered right to our doorstep. That means our pantries are wellstocked without hassle. From fruits and vegetables to medicine, here’s a handy list of vendors you can easily contact online to do the shopping for you.


0917 5577383 Facebook: Ecogarden

Farm To Table

0949 0507147 Messenger: Debbie Aguilar

GGG Fruits & Vegetables Supply

0977 7056837 Facebook: GGG Fruits & Vegetables Supply

The Green Table

0922 8222264 Facebook: The Green Table

Veggie tah Bai

0917 1466228 Facebook: Veggie tah Bai

Yamang Eden

0910 8819253 Facebook: Yamang Eden


238 8899 Facebook: Belcris Foods

Clarita’s Meat Shop

273 0657 Facebook: Clarita’s Meat Shop

HK Meat Shop

263 1085 Facebook: HK MEAT SHOP

King’s Quality Foods

343 7115 to 18 Facebook: King’s Quality Foods

The Pork Shop

415 1150 to 54 Facebook: The Pork Shop by Virginia Farms Inc.

MEDICINE Rose Pharmacy

0908 8935193 (Osmeña Boulevard Branch) Facebook: Rose Pharmacy Inc (with full list of branches and contact details)

GROCERIES Cebu Online Grocery Services

Facebook: Cebu Online Grocery Services

GHY Trading Solutions, Inc.

383 9165 / 0927 7742306 Facebook: GHY Trading Solution, inc.

Landers Superstore Cebu

Facebook: Landers Superstore

Oh My Genie

Facebook: OMG

BAKED GOODS Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop

888 7658 (Cardinal Coffea) Facebook: Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop (with full list of branches and contact details)

San Jose Bakeshop

416 0197 (M. Velez Street Branch) Facebook: San Jose Bakeshop (with full list of branches and contact details)

Julie’s Bakeshop

0967 4213496 / 0932 1634665 Facebook: Julie’s Bakeshop

Maison Ichipan

0923 9088882 / 0906 180 2830





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