Shopping in the Time of Corona

Text: Christian Jay B. Quilo Writer



SunStar Publishing Inc.


With a lot of our favorite stores and restaurants closed during the quarantine, Facebook has become a viable platform for entrepreneurs and smaller businesses. Since the ECQ, there’s been a surge in online buy-and-sell groups as well as the rise of barter, a rather atypical means of procuring goods. If you’re new to the e-commerce scene, these four groups on Facebook are a good place to start. Cebu Barter Community 167,000+ members For those who don’t know, barter is essentially the exchange of goods between two parties without the use of cash—a mutually beneficial trade, if you will. You can put basically anything up for barter, may it be a pair of unused shoes, some old books or even your services. It’s just a matter of finding the right person to barter with. Friendly negotiations are always welcome. Business World Cebu 85,000+ members Like Cebu Buy and Sell, this group also doesn’t have any restrictions as to what to post (granting they must be decent and appropriate). Aside from the usual suspects in groups like produce and gadgets, you’ll be surprised to find more offbeat items like Yakult and hair dye, heavier purchases like real estate and even the occasional job listing. Let’s Eat Bai 109,000+ members This group is one of the most established and popular food-selling groups on Facebook, with members that include home-trepreneurs and our favorite local businesses. It’s also a private group that’s well-monitored by a group of administrators, so sellers are guaranteed to be legit and safe. As the group gets a lot of posts in a day, custom hashtags have been made for an easier search. Cebu Buy and Sell 74,000+ members The products up for sale on this group run the gamut from fresh food and groceries to gadgets and cars ( yes, vehicles!). It’s a treasure trove of absolutely everything you need and don’t need. Just browse through the page and if you find anything that catches your eye, simply drop a comment on the post or directly send a personal message to the seller to discuss the purchase.